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RechargeDTH Dish TV SD North Packages | Channel List

DISH TV offers 4 main packages, but which one is best for you in UAE? Shopping for a DISH TV package can be overwhelming. You just want to watch your favorite shows and games. But you find yourself getting sucked into additional channels and extra costs. Calm down. Take a deep breath. It's your TV package and it's going to be all right. We're going to break down DISH's offerings so you can find the right package, at the best price, for your viewing needs.

DISH TV Network is the 3rd largest paid TV company in America and the 2nd largest satellite TV company. their service can be purchased almost anywhere in the country. Satellite is different from cable, which has more regional networks. DISH Network has almost nationwide availability. You just need the ability to hook-up a satellite dish to your home or apartment.

DISH offers one of the most programming options out of any TV provider. They have over450 satellite channels. This includes local broadcast, sports, regional sports, general and special interest, and international. A large majority of these channels are in HD.

In addition to satellite TV, there are also tons of pay-per-view movies (including Hollywood Blockbusters before they even hit DVD), streaming shows that you can download to your mobile device and Sirius XM radio.